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The writers and experts in every community explicitly say in their articles and posts that no type is better or more desirable than another. Yet the hierarchies continue nonetheless.

I don’t see it as ‘2 or 3 examples.’ I see a trend that develops and certain people get on board faster than others. But often, others don’t Se what I Se. ;P And that’s ok. I just though it was a funny observation, not meant as any kind of insult.  It’s just how humans are.

You saw what I saw lol.  I think Pe is keen on picking up ‘underlying patterns’ as they unfold in real time. And I completely agree about how people act in other communities. I can’t even withstand joining such groups anymore. So much crap and bullshit ;D. And then people say typology is evil. Yet clearly in this forum we can see the benefits of using it well. So, it’s all about how it’s approached and the setup.

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