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^ Not to derail the discussion a bit, but the above is precisely the reason I am interested in CT. It’s therapeutic application. This plays into the psychological as well as the spiritual. If we can parse out guidelines for safe, fulfilling, and permanent functional development, we can lay the groundwork for therapeutic tools to help those who are undergoing functional growth or transition. Guiding people through life transitions or periods of growth is already the domain of current psychotherapy, but CT could add an incredible depth of precision that could save time, boost potential for self-actualization, and honestly even save lives.

I think of all the time I wasted in my teens and early twenties clumsily integrating my Se. I became addicted to various substances and did a bunch of risky, stupid shit. It took me years to ditch tons of bad habits I formed when I was younger, and I’m still trying to get to a healthier place to this day. Imagine if I had a therapist who could see that I was FiSe, and that I was in the process of integrating my Se. Maybe they could have guided me through the process better than I did alone, or maybe it’s just part of the process of integration to have to explore the dark manifestation of a function and also the light. This is what I would love to find out. There are so many people out there who seek out guidance when they sense a change in themselves, and it would be incredible to be able to not have to rely on intuition to guide them. I know this is a little lofty, but it would also honestly revolutionize addict rehabilitation programs like AA and NA too.

EDIT: Of course, it hopefully goes without saying that this kind of therapeutic practice is an enormous undertaking and responsibility. We are certainly many years off from this possibility, and it needs to be integrated into current therapeutic practice in an ethical manner. It would be used alongside proven and tested methods for therapy. I didn’t read a lot of this thread and watch all of the videos, which I know is a total faux pas. My bad! I got excited. I didn’t realize someone was offering to do a kind of CT therapy in exchange for money. It is absolutely my view that it would be unethical to do this without training and experience in the field of practicing mainstream psychotherapy.

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