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@Auburn I can’t make a video now, but I want to say briefly that I feel very similarly about your system and its potential, and that’s what I meant by envisioning great things it could do for the world. I have the exact same frustrations when it comes to enneagram. I know that my group has touched on something closer to the truth and the real purpose of the system. I know our typings are more accurate and that we’ve dug up the gold from the previous authors and separated that from the bullshit. I just know it! We have a long way to go, still – but it frustrates me that when we go on other forums, everyone is just believing bullshit.

It’s harder to elucidate enneagram through objective signals and we are not ready at all for a project of CT’s caliber. We’re still working on finding an objective way to present the basic truths that we’ve seen, in a way that is clear for others to see too. But my investment in it, personally, extends far beyond ‘intellectual interest.’ If enneagram were taught properly in grade school, I imagine so many  psychological problems and interpersonal misunderstandings that could be prevented!  If we all understood the automatic mechanisms running in the background that cause us to act in terrible ways.. we would self-correct much more effectively.   And so forth….

This is why I understood, or sensed, the scale of your project right away. It was clear you were on the same page about where typology can go, at least your system. (I imagine you’ll see that in enneagram too once we consolidate our ideas more effectively.)

And you’ve been a model for us, in how to do this, how to organize, how to show the world what we see. We are very aware that we’re not there yet, but we also see how it can be done.  Still, even now, I get frustrated that people with huge followings are releasing idiotic videos about outdated and nonsensical views of type. I feel like even if we do touch on something true, we won’t have a following, just because we’re more focused on that process of delineation than we are on a public audience. To focus on garnering a public audience is to cut corners in the artistic process, since the product is never FULLY ready.  And that, of course, is the problem with Ji.  Although I am more Je heavy than Ji heavy, I do relate to this, because I need to feel like the thing I’m presenting is TRUE, pure, and does what it’s meant to do, rather than just presenting some half assed, unfinished raw splat to the public. But even if I had something I felt confident in, I would be bored and annoyed by the process of advertising, and the time it takes away from the project itself…..

So yeah, basically what I’m saying is “I hear ya.” Soon, if my medicine continues working, I’m hoping to do some public videos because I need to get publicity for my own writing project. At that point I’ll talk to you about ways I could draw a crowd to CT also, if I manage to do this in a presentable way. I hope that can be helpful.

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