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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l-l-
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Looks delicious, but I’m still very unsure.

Could someone help me out?
I tried to look at each signal I could find (Se ><Ne) and I also see Ne in him, but I still also see Se…  actually equal amount (I see both Se-toggling and brushstrokes.  But then if looking at Pi I only find Ni.
At video 2 there is a lot of Ni-scowl 0:13-0:21 which ends in a zone out.  O:58 again Ni-scowl.  And isn’t what is seen at 0:41 Se-Gravity effect?
I see at least 4 Ni-signals, and no Si at all.
He has raised outer edges, but his eyes seems naive, there is only for a short while hypnotic eyes.
He is very alert, open, receptive, innocent, but sometimes can shift to something Ni-like  (could the openness be due to seelieness?  Not silliness ha-ha) His thoughts is always Ne-like,  he is almost the prototype of indiscriminate correlating,  but there is something much more embodied to him than what I associate with Ne….



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