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 …tarot reading saying I had offended the divine masculine instead of honoring it and that if I didn’t apologize…  …I knew right away that this was my punishment…

I’m not one to say “tarot reading are you kidding me” right of back. To me that’s closed mindedness to the highest order. I usually see it as kind of interesting and I absolutely love how ‘Persona 4’, the game, made use of it in both it’s gameplay and story telling. The use of it in video I find to be pretty interesting as well especially when gather your thoughts as a form of prayer. Now when I read this instincts of apology and punishment… the feeling put in words are like “mmm I don’t like where this is going”.

First thought: It’s not just apology and punishment, but also bless and reward that can be just as fallible. Think of all pain as hidden pain and all pleasure as hidden pain so that you can see what inside you gives that experience it’s significance. Letting something outside of you determine the significance of an experience without your vote. This influences a lowered conscientiousness.

Second thought: tarot is a great opportunity to scramble your usually assigned significance toward any experience. Thus you have advanced your vocabulary of interpretations. Soon enough you could fit any situation into all tarot cards and be able to stick to the one or few that bring out the most creativity or even relatively competitive reality.

Third thought: is for something to be able to punish you… you have to be able to punish it back… because at the most essential level their can be no ruler. I guess that’s a sign of oneness.

Conclusion: I am mostly leaning toward pain and pleasure in tarot not being such a good thing. Not sure how to fully articulate this. If anyone else sees what I am trending then feel free to thread together what you can. I had to get this out in someway because it feels bad imagining month staying shut.


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