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@animal, I would like to apologize to you for snipping at you about the comment of plagiarism you said in your post, but specifically because when I read your whole post I knew intuitively that you weren’t “intending” to hurt me, but I was hurt and bothered anyway by the comment and decided to lash out at you. It would have been better to ask you and clarify what you meant. Funnily, the way I got to this realization was through a tarot reading saying I had offended the divine masculine instead of honoring it and that if I didn’t apologize I would get karmic justice. I thought about it a little bit and thought of situations, including this one, where I might have done wrong but decided to ignore it until the next day, which is today. So this morning I woke up and I looked out my motel window and prayed to get more information and reason on this “karmic justice” that was coming to me and which I needed to apologize for. Right after I asked for this I pulled open the window for some fresh air and got my fingers hit and caught by the window mechanism: I knew right away that this was my punishment lol and that it related to you with when I saw your posts.

Anyway, I think you represent the divine masculine energy primarily, very hot/passionate/”brash” lol, and I am sorry for not clearing things out first when I had already sensed you were not being malicious to me (although maybe just too brash for me lol since I’m barely working on my rawrrr) . I see the purpose in your philosophy of destruction and acting as a force of nature (something I am integrating in and balancing in myself as I represent primarily the divine feminine and the principle of passivity/receptivity/attraction).  We both (all of us) have these energies in complex, beautiful ways and so we should honor them.

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