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Yes, I saw that video, but its good to look at it all again (and the other videos you did at that time, they are very instructive!).   Still,  regarding eye/face-centricity I dont get it. When I look at the two subjects illustrating face centricity, to me it looks like head follow eyes. Not so much Ayn Rand whose eyes are moving very much around, but I would say that although she tends to not let her head follow her eyes more than necessary (rigidity),  there is still first some movement of the eyes and then a little later the head starts to follow, but only a little since at that time the eyes have already changed direction and the head are tending towards following in that new direction, but then the eyes moves again and so on.
With Hubbard its more difficult to see if eyes or head is moving first,  but it seems to me that the head is following very quickly after the eyes change direction. At least it is very difficult for me to try to see it the other way around, but maybe they move at the same time.
What is very obvious to me though is that their bodies are totally unaffected by the head movements.



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