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My commentary was about the rest of your post – not the story per se, which I thought was beautiful. But ok, I feel the same, no hard feelings or hate was intended by my comment. I am very direct, and don’t beat around the bush much. So if something stands out to me and I decide to enter the conversation, I just point out what it is. I don’t assume that I’m right about someone’s motives, but I cannot possibly be wrong about how something hits me, so that’s the only thing I’m sharing: my impressions. After I share that, I’m over it. I don’t like to draw any conclusions about anyone without their input. But I just shared my impressions because there was an inconsistency there which stood out to me personally. I cannot possibly emphasize enough that none of it was meant to be rude to you as a person. It was just “I notice something is off in this particular set of sentiments” or that is how it struck me.  But I’m not one to hold on to negative judgments of anyone unless they REALLLLLY cross a line. Which you didn’t at all. 🙂 Overall, I’ve enjoyed your presence here, even though I’m not in the discord. 🙂

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