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Based on the first paragraph of your response, it sounds like you’re talking to yourself here rather than to me. For the record, I do support this sentiment and I’m not sure what made you think otherwise.

, yes, of course I am also talking to myself, to remember the principle: just because I have learned the lesson doesn’t mean I have recovered from it fully. Your tips made me think otherwise that you didn’t support the same sentiment, but if you say you do then I believe you.

As for the first part of your response, it’s my opinion and it’s not going to change. So, you can take it or leave it

That’s what I thought based on the feeling that it held within it and that’s why I felt there was no need to defend myself, I can only tell you that you don’t know me and that I think is horrible to have an opinion (which is always incomplete) and treat it as absolute knowledge.

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