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@scientiam – Your story is… beautiful, poignant, and painful. The little boy in me would love to help you, and I do feel grief over how I didn’t respond to your request. You’re right that it hasn’t always been a lack of will, time or desire from others to help CT, but also will and time from me– and I’m sincerely sorry about that.

The esoteric aesthetic of the site is indeed the product of a life-force driving CT forward which cannot abandon the soulful and, what may be called in Jungian psychoanalysis, the archetypal feminine. If the theoretical architecture of CT, the codifier and quantified signals are exemplars of the ST, then the mythological is the dimension of NF which is indispensable to a true psychic understanding.

Because of a sort of meta-awareness, the very understanding of CT (and humanity) itself compels me to view even CT as holistically as possible, and thus to honor both ST and NF expressions as equally valid. The problem of the presentation of CT is simultaneously the problem of depicting Psyche and World to every sort of psyche, in the various ways that psyches understand it to be true and real.

The academic world is ST territory, but indeed not the only way to understand, nor the only source of understanding. Still, academia and the mystics are too far apart from each other and this fissure is a severe gap of integration in the human whole. CT is a model that aims to explain how all of these dimensions are unified, and how even the academically inclined and the mystically inclined are playing out their own psychic software in the very portrayal of life the way they see it.

So, in taking on the task of quantifying Psyche, I remain torn between every polarity and duality of humanity.

Thus, in seeking to do justice to every side, perhaps I do no full justice to any. I cannot yet venture into the numinous properly, and take CT into its latent trajectory as a spiritual growth model, nor do the academics feel satisfied with the rigor thus far. Perhaps CT is too ambitious in trying to do everything, but I’m convinced I’m standing on the right balance-point (compass), as a bridge between the two that needs to be reinforced. The more this bridge is fortified, the closer heaven and earth will grow.

The Material & Spiritual Goal of CT

The primary claim of CT– that mind and body operate in unity– is itself this very claim that there is no gap. The axiom at the root of CT is the assertion that psyche is quantifiable, and that trespasses into the mind-body problem. Because to insinuate that a person’s psyche — its mythological narrative, their daimons and muses, their fantasies and the like — can be traced to their body and to their genetics, is this very claim.

This is not a distraction for CT, as some might think, it’s actually essential for CT to solve its core problem. CT cannot escape the implications it makes when it ties together mind and body, and hence why the mythological dimension remains paramount to the work.

To do this activity, it requires constant mediation between bodies and minds; perpetual consultation of both. If the body displays one thing, and the mind does not follow, there is a problem. We try again. We fail. We try yet again until body and mind are wholly reflective of one another, thus solving the mind-body problem and bringing the world of magic into science. But to do so one has to be equally a magician and a scientists. As it stands I’m a mediocre version of both, but that is the situation as far as I can tell.

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(p.s. There is ample space in CT for the expansion of both dimensions, as well as the synthesis of the two. My energy tends to be fixed in the synthesis, so that I don’t tend to enter the (magical/archetypal) beyond what I can justify from material evidence, nor do I pursue materiality lest it relate to answering questions of the (magical/archetypal) dimension. But that doesn’t mean those avenues should be closed off for others and indeed I think they loop back around and ultimately help expand the endeavor we’re undertaking here– once the mechanism of action is properly understood.)

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