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I think most spiritual systems show the way to our unconscious and possibilities of growth. They frame it as occult knowledge and add  content that tends to be interpreted as having a divine source.

CT simply presents  psychological processes. It doesn’t claim to be showing a way to God or to any divine being/state of mind. Also it doesn’t claim to be occult knowledge, it’s knowledge about the human psyche (that – amongst other drives also is lead by thirst for the sacred). And we sometimes tend to view unconscious content as sacred or demonic or both…

So, in my opinion the imagery might overlap a bit with the one used in spiritual systems because CT attempts to cover all this archetypal content that these systems also aim at understanding…we always tried to understand ourselves and the world around us. We’ve always been on an arduous search for meaning. And I think spirituality reflects this search for meaning and offers real and useful insight about our minds, as well as practical wisdom !

But, from what I gather, CT is  aiming to describe the connections between vultology and type, not making any spiritual claims.

Of course, Auburn, please correct me if I am wrong.

I use tarot myself for self exploration and I actually am pretty sure the alchemical processes Jung described in his books appear in the Major Arcana ! And can be used as a tool for growth and potentially for function development and integration. Just think of Temperance or Judgement or the Hanged Man. Or Strength. We can apply lessons drawn from their imagery to how we integrate functions !

But at least for now we don’t know more that would confirm any spiritual belief. At least from what I see.

There is synchronicity, that we could maybe explore more. But it’s not connected with CT theory, it just happens to be on most members’ list of interests as it is also a part of Jung’s work !

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