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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l-l-
  • Attitude: Adaptive

@hackphobia – thats really an interesting patient!  I didnt see your post before now.  Its a clip I will never forget, he is like a prototype.  And there is so strong signals going on all the time.  I am not sure I found all of them, but I feel pretty sure he is TeNi.  And I would say l—.     Did a on him, that I have attached.  (I found out there is room in the codifier for a lot of notes, which I felt I otherwise have missed.  But what I think is missing is that it can save the  youtube link)

There might be correlation between defense mechanisms and type…. At least there are with the attitudes.  I will have to think it over (this guy is projecting though 😉 ….but is Pi tending more towards projection, dont know (maybe in connection with unseelieness)…


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