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Exactly – I actually spent a lot of time trying to respond to the call for a better Se profile. I wrote two Se profiles of my own and several threads specifically critiquing the Se profile to point out exactly what I didn’t like and could change. But I never came up with something as solid, concise and well-worded as @Auburn because it’s not my field. I’ve been sick which is part of the problem; I was severely cognitively compromised and could barely write readable paragraphs even on subjects I know well like Enneagram. But even during better times , in this whole year I’ve been here, my attempts to rewrite Se on my own were arduous and still did not come out as perfect as Auburn’s, especially his first half. Auburn is immersed in CT day in and day out. He meets every person, types every celeb etc – and has a much wider sense of what Se looks like. This is his work and he does it well. I also want to say I have not seen anything even close to compelling to challenge this theory, though I also enjoy challenges and have posed some myself.  It’s him who was able to write the Se description, not me – because this is what he does. He can compare the components to the components of other types and break down the essence of the type, where I’m going by my observations from a “layman’s” (laywomans?) perspective.  So I figured from the start that he’d be the one to finally word the description correctly.

And I know exactly how aggrivating it is when people come in to my enneagram forum and challenge the hard work we’ve done for years just based on their whims. I might ask: ok, so how do you type this person and what do you think this type means? And usually I get no answer beyond “well six is afraid and three is a big fat liar” or some shallow thing, because they have no idea what they’re talking about.  And our system is nowhere near as developed as Auburn’s. So I honestly kind of cringe at the obvious noobs just claiming his theory is wrong without coming up with something equally compelling themselves. Note: I have studied Jung, MBTI, Socionics and now CT (quite deeply and attentively at times) for 8 years but I still consider myself a noob compared to him since I have not put in the cumulative hours that can even approach what Auburn has put in.  AND IT SHOWS. I experience Se myself and have a lot of Se in my family and friends, yet still cannot come up with a Se profile that compares to his in the sense of accounting for all types of Se users, addressing the components that underlie the type, etc.  I did try but I can recognize it’s more for my own mind-exercise than to even come close to doing what Auburn does.  And to his credit, he has no Se in himself, not even developed sensing, but he still went and made this profile based on the real experience of Se users here when he was able to wrap his mind around what they were experiencing from inside, and also found the time to do so.  Let’s be real about where we stand and how good he is. 😀 . I mean really, just try to come up with the groundwork for a new system and see how you do.  Reality hits hard then.

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