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Oh dear, I didn’t realize you still wanted the gifs !

I thought after you made the Codifier you didn’t need them anymore.

I’ll restart tomorrow with TeSi’s.

There were other offers in the chat, it would be great to organize, split them between us and try to do some for every signal in the Codifier !

About other authors, I can’t encourage the idea of posting any  material on the site written in a different style and seen as part of the CT theory (for example an… alternative (?) function profile, heartitudes etc). Attaining perfect coherence and the same exact aesthetic would be impossible if other people wrote parts of it.

Anyone who has an idea or a wild theory is free to post it on the forum and many people have done it ! I think it would be wonderful to  keep encouraging this type of participation, as well as typing, gif making and / or technical help from others but to keep the material itself fully yours, in order to keep it in the same style and to avoid the site becoming a hybrid ! 😀

Hey, maybe really good theories posted by members on the forum could appear in a” hall of fame” special place where they’d be easier to find by newcomers? Like there could be a link to threads started by members, that are really good (as in technically precise) and based on evidence like gifs, videos etc. Just an idea, I don’t know if this would be ideal.🤔 It could for sure be organized in other ways too.



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