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@Cedar – At the risk of being seen as sycophantic, I’ll attempt to address most of your points.

  • There is a fair amount of praise for Auburn on these forums; when I engage in that way it’s to provide encouragement towards lengthy goals that require hard work and dedication, rather than to create an environment of sycophancy, but certainly that could be the perception. However, there has also been quite a bit of criticism (sometimes blisteringly harsh) leveled at him, and I’ve engaged in that to a much lesser extent, so there’s certainly a bias there on my end. It seems a very human thing for people to be well-disposed towards those they see as kind and trustworthy, and ill-disposed towards those they see as judgmental and untrustworthy.
  • I’ve seen disagreements between regular members here on the forums (and been a part of them myself), but I haven’t personally witnessed incidents that rise to the level of an “attack” [although granted I don’t personally read/watch everything that comes on the forums, just most of it]; if you feel you’ve seen or experienced this please let me know via PM so that the situation can be resolved, and of course this goes for anyone else as well. It’s not at all my intention for vitriol and disrespect to become the norm here. Personally, I have been largely silent when Auburn has come in for harsh criticism/ ribaldry here, rather than immediately leaping to his defense, and I have mixed feelings about that course of action. To continue on the prior track: if you have specific examples of a “clique culture” you’d be willing to provide I would be more than happy to review them, as I am of the strong opinion that group-think is to be avoided. With that being said, shared opinions naturally create shared groups that express them similarly, and there shouldn’t be an expectation that this will never occur, but it can and should be curbed if it is becoming a significant disruption to discourse.
  • Word choice is extremely important, I agree, but finding just the right words takes a lot of fine-tuning and time. Which words specifically do you feel CT uses that are judgmental? I know the use of the word “disgust” has come up more than once as something troublesome, and that there are now disclaimers around the use of it in the Wiki iirc.
  • Over-generalization and confirmation bias are deeply human tendencies expressed in every community I’ve observed or been a part of, but forcing type diversity through selective recruitment does not seem a healthy way to balance out the types that come to this forum of their own volition. If we begin recruiting only the types of people there is a current “shortage” of, we’re commodifying individual human beings and de-valuing the input of those already here.
  • There’s too much for me to individually address in the last 2/3rds of your post, so I’ll just try and make a salient analogy to C.G. Jung. Jung is still not respected in the scientific community, and spent many years sequestering his knowledge rather than sharing it in a raw form he felt would be universally ridiculed. Instead he waited until he was ready, and today his legacy is deep and global (and still not respected by the scientific community). Auburn chooses to share his work earlier and more widely (and with a conscious aim towards scientific acceptance), and there are significant positive and negative consequences to this.


I don’t expect that what I’ve written here will convince anyone I haven’t simply “drunk the Kool-Aid” and lost my sense of intellectual independence, but I am hopeful that my words won’t be seen as an attack on your opinions, as that’s not my intention. Strong criticisms are healthy for a community, and the inability to tolerate them is a harbinger of ill-health.


And with all that being said, I cannot speak for Auburn or anyone else directly, but I am desirous of a more direct way for community members to contribute to the CT orthodoxy as you say.

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