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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Directive

As long as CT is a more accurate alternative to MBTI, Socionics, Flow State, C.S.J., Cognitive 8 then we and Auburn must be doing something exceptionally well.

@coralie-philips if you got a handle of Damon’s style from Flow State I would wonder if you’d say he is better at handling conformation bais and faulty logic in comparison to most of us at CT. I’m not sure if he say he is TeNi or SeTi, but I believe uses Te to see a greater logical consensus in Socionics Model B or D than any other typology, especially after hearing about CT (hides it from his charts). If you believe the typing system uses is not as accurate as CT and you believe he would not easily fall for conformation bias then would you could comment on how someone who is so rigid about logical consensus can still be so relatively wrong? Also is there any reason everybody in CT should be more like him when conducting ourselves in CT, regardless about what he might be less correct about?


PS: I’d say it aligns better to see Neil as the representative or ambassador of science.

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