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  • Type: SeFi
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  • Attitude: Seelie

This is very impressive ! Let us know if we can help in any way !

Erica – I agree Se seems to be about immersion and not as much about physical stimulation. It is possible for us to get immersed in a physically stimulating activity, but it doesn’t have to be this way ! Now…most activities are at least visually stimulating and I think this is where this whole issue comes from.

I have to say I came to terms with Se – it supports me in pursuing some of my interests.

But- as an SeFi II–  I can totally agree about seeing Pe as potentially drawing me back. If I used Se purely in order to enjoy sensual pleasure, that would be a huge waste of time and…basically SLOTH with a red ribbon on top ! Maybe other sins too? Gluttony? I’m not sure. The point is we are obviously not here to have fun. :))

I act foolish all the time, I will joke about anything, I don’t come off as a serious person in the least. But this is because it’s easy for me to connect to others by relating to them from a playful point. Not because I want to enjoy life to the fullest right now, not caring about the consequences!  I am not that much of a nihilist !!! :))) I believe I can do constructive things  with my life. I will not explain it in a passionate, heartfelt way, but I don’t think everything I do or everything everybody does is meaningless, hence the only way to live life is to enjoy every moment to the fullest !  There are valuable things we can (and must !) do because this is our duty as long as we have the possibility to do them !

And I tend to do my duty (as well as I can) while still acting foolish, playful and open to novelty, because it is easier for me to act this way and it costs me less energy overall than if I adopted a super authoritative, decisive and frowning persona. Or a more Ji disengaging, introspective persona. It’s easier for me to do useful stuff using my energetic baseline, with the other functions as support.

But this does not mean I lack ethics altogether ! Indeed I lack a completely clear and well defined ethical system, similar to the ones some Ji leads tend to build. But living in the moment just for fun looks pretty meaningless to me anyway. And it always was like that, so I don’t really know if Fi development prompted such a big change for me.

But, on the other hand, if I’d watch the first video I posted on the old forum and then my newest one…I believe back then I used to identify more with a playful, chill person, still lacking a clear purpose in life and with all roads open than I do now. 🙂

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