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I get this concern. This seems to be a common complaint. I agree with EpicEntity and Lady Nerdsky: Personality is multifactorial, and CT is one layer.

I take the mythology very lightly, and I’ll explain why I don’t see it as a 1:1 phenomena. The myths arise from the collective. They are formed from many instances of many people over a time span. It’s from a collection of NeTi and NeFi individuals, for example, that the puer aeternus myth or theme may draw. Or it may be based on a single instance of a Ne individual.

The cognitive functions have to with information organization and synthesis, and in my opinion, there’s little reason to expect that you’d get the same resultant behavior or story (myth) from that alone. Hence my not placing too much value on the correspondence between cognitive type and, say, occupation or area of interest. Though I have to concede that the correlation is higher than one would think could happen through chance alone. That is, similar processes might take you along similar paths. But we really can’t – and shouldn’t – simplofy personality to Jungian Cognitive Function alone.

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