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  • Type: FiNe
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Unseelie

I’ve watched most of your video, and I’m with you partially on the potential mismatches between someone’s vultological type and their observed/reported behaviour.

But I have an alternate interpretation, particularly about typing celebrities or public figures in general. We really don’t know much about them apart from what they’re famous for. We’re all multifaceted, multidimensional humans, but we have a tendency to treat people in the public eye as fairly one-dimensional. To borrow your examples, assuming DJ Khalid’s interest in music and Neil De Grasse Tyson’s interest in science is their sole raison d’etre. We really don’t know what else they have going on away from the public eye. I think that’s a limitation of building psychological profiles from vultologically typed public figures.

Like someone else (sorry can’t remember) added on a different thread, it makes sense that younger YouTubers are making videos with a stereotypical Se-focus (make-up, skincare, grooming, fashion etc). That’s the social trend, it’s a popular highly viewed topic, there’s a low barrier to entry and a potentially high monetary and status payoff with PR and sponsors etc. Sure, that might be their hustle, but not their core “essence”. And we don’t know what their true “essence” is without asking.

As a personal example, similar to the DJ Khalid vs Neil De Grasse Tyson issue of art vs science (to over-generalise), while both are Fe, I partially completed a Neuroscience degree then dropped-out to try being a professional musician. If I became a household name for science/research you wouldn’t assume I was also a musician behind-the-scenes, and if I was a famous musician you wouldn’t assume neuroscience was a passion without asking.

Point being, dualities obviously exist in people and hyper-focusing on the one thing that has brought them into the public eye while being ignorant to the rest of their personality/interests/passions/motivations etc gives one-dimensional and potentially inaccurate profiles, and potentially contributes to the poor behavioural matches (at least on the surface) between people of similar/same vultology.

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