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I see a crap load of my mannerisms in you. The delays in thought, slight forgetting of thought fragments, the innovative perk ups. The only difference I see is our degree of optimism, prioritization of the frontal lobe, and flat affect.

Some have asked me enough questions about this for me to no longer have any answers. My biggest pet peeve are members not seeing the separation and possible harmonization between vultology vs temperament / brain vs mind / function vs characteristic / genetics vs childhood. I mention something like this in vchat. I’d like to know if it does or doesn’t makes sense to you now.

I think there is too much variation in the world for 16 boxes to hold. You’d need to see the 16 boxes as 1024+ boxes for CT to make sense the way seem to be wanting it to make sense.

On another note I think CT is going to be more effective and healthier for relationship development. I think CT is likely to be either harmful or less effective for self development. If it were to help your own self understanding I think you would have had been looking at CT from as many different shoes as possible.

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