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Hey ! There is so much you brought up.

I am also not into sports and I am very clumsy. Once I fell down some stairs because I was listening to a song on Spotify and I wanted to heart it…and the moment I hearted it, I stumbled down and did an impressive jump and fell backwards on my hands and feet, my phone hitting the floor. Luckily I didn’t break anything. :))

Another time I wanted to cross the street and I noticed a car was rushing towards me, so I did 2 steps back and stumbled on a little pole and fell on it. :)) Again nothing very bad happened.

Once I forgot my glasses in a suitcase and looked for them for 3 days, not knowing where they were.

I think this is because of Pe tendency to seek novelty, that makes us not pay attention to boring, mundane and repetitive stuff like the steps or our way home. The difference seems to be just in some metabolic processes we might not yet grasp completely. I don’t make the wild, original associations Ne leads do – I can very well see I don’t. But my mind is also constantly seeking the new and the magical. And anyone I know would probably not describe me as a down to earth or realistic person, they would say I am pretty much the head in the clouds type.

But I think we just assume we are using Se in order to focus on mundane everyday things because this is what we connect to reality. And I guess this is where we are wrong.

Heightened focus can be on ideas. The one thing in front of us might not really be a thing at all and if it is, every thing is connected to a lot of other things. So, we can highly focus on something and by association get into a lot of adjacent topics. It might just go a little bit slower than with Ne leads because we don’t tend to spread our interests a lot at the same time.

I noticed this with some Ne lead friends who are clearly open to many domains and topics at the same time, which I am not, because I like to study one or mostly 2 things at a time, so I need to cut off the rest, as much as I regret it. I don’t want to spread my attention in too many directions, because my attention is intense but not broad, so I simply can’t keep a lot of stuff  in my mind at once without starting to feel tired or just getting the impression that I will never make any progress in any of these fields because I don’t dig deep enough in any of them.

The downside is this way I will never ever have the astonishing culture I see in many Ne users (which might be actually more connected to their Si?) and in order to change this for the better, I decided to read at least half an hour per day about something I am NOT currently focusing on.

But if you look at it closer, if I obsess about tarot, it’s not really the same with doing a Youtube video about my bracelet collection. Or maybe it is. :))) Because the mental processes are the same, aren’t they? So why would I say tarot > bracelet collections ? But to someone who isn’t inside my head, I still look like a magically inclined person and not like a realistic girl, you know? :)) And it takes a lot of self analysis to see that metabolically my mind works in the Se way and not in the Ne one, though my interests are a bit further from the outer world and closer to the inner world…but interests have a bit more to do with our life experience and the people we encounter on our way than with our type, I think.

Now, as I’m reading the Se profile again, it actually makes a lot of sense. There aren’t that many tangents, I tend to just follow one line. My poor peripheral sight and lack of distributed attention are consequences of this.

But for me presence just means being in the now, not really in the here and now. 🙂

There are also parts like this that we imagine refer to sports and other activities that involve the body a lot :

The Se user will get “in the zone” and feel most in their element when they can perform in real-time, making up their next move as they go.

I do this when talking about contracts at work. Or when trying to navigate social situations. It’s really about adapting to ever changing situations, not about riding waves or skateboarding. I mean… it can be physical and I totally love swimming, for example, but it doesn’t have to be physical.

As Pe leads we love to learn new things and this is also a way of constantly adapting to new information.

Regarding style…I think this is not very relevant – people dress according to their job, income, beliefs and many other factors. If I worked in a place where I wouldn’t be obliged to wear office clothes, I would never in my life buy an office dress and I would just wear jeans and fun T-shirts or cute flowery dresses. If I was shorter, I would wear short skirts and long dresses, as they would then suit my body type…etc.  What we wear is more influenced by circumstances than by type in my opinion.

Vultologically I can say I see a lot of pointed Se toggling. And some Ni scowls. 🙂 I don’t see naive eyes or Ne brush stroke movements or any Ne signals but I will look again tomorrow when I’m well rested and my head is clearer. 🙂 Your brows are not the most raised I’ve seen but you do show raised outer edges too.

I think the way Se- Sharp eyes and Ne – Naive eyes are explained in the Codifier might help ! Yours look sharp to me. Taut – preseptal (that area between lids and eye brows is raised) and soft – pretarsal (the upper eyelids).

Try to also compare to Ni – that are taut preseptal and heavy – pretarsal. The upper eyelids just fall heavier and cover a bigger part of the eyes.

This helps A LOT and is a huge clarification for me. I don’t say it will always solve this issue, but it’s really the best thing I can recommend till Auburn makes his Se and Ne video. 🙂

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