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@bera wow thank you for sharing! This is a good example of the Pe / Pi myth of Home & Adventure I think! I have a lot of similar stuff in regards to moving around / wanderlust / not being able to hold down a job / relationship / friendship / etc. We’re explorers at heart! Or maybe even better… explorers of the heart πŸ™‚ It’s funny, I’ve just settled down a few months ago with a partner of mine into a shared home, and we’re already talking about moving out to somewhere cooler once our lease ends hahaha. We’ve even started looking at prices in other cities, even though we both love living in Chicago! In fact, they (my partner) just moved here from Colorado two years ago, and before that they grew up in Los Angeles. Are we doomed to just pinball around forever and every once in a while dream of putting down roots? hahaha

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