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I saw your other post now !

 Are they both gamma revisers because their parents are both gammas, or because of their similar childhoods?

My personal opinion is they are gamma revisers because their parents / grandparents etc were also gamma revisers and that this is why they also traveled around so much with their kids and why they encouraged their love of music/other art forms. Because they themselves, as gamma revisers, loved art and travelling and didn’t find it odd or uncomfortable to move around constantly, as they lived in the now themselves. But this is just how I see it, I’m curious what others think.

I had the most normal childhood. I never moved to a new city till I went to college. But my dad stayed in another city for 4 years and me and mom used to visit him pretty often and also we went on a lot of trips together.

Also I guess moving is in my blood, I tend to get bored of every job in 2 – 3 of years and I also start to feel like I need to move from a city to another more than other people seem to do. I just moved 3 times till now (once from my hometown to a bigger city, where I went to college and started working and the second time I moved to the capital, where I found a better job).

I am already thinking of moving back home, I’m just confused where home is. 🙂 Is it my hometown or the city where I studied and where I own an apartment? I’m not completely sure. 🙂

I realized how moving very often could be damaging when I saw the last episode of Game of Thrones, thinking of Sansa’s story line. Her story made me reconsider my tendency of moving from one place to the other, because I have done exactly her mistake of going to the capital in the South, thinking I will find happiness and recognition there and wrongly believing everyone is as reliable and well meaning as my own family and our close friends, which has lead to a lot of hurtful experiences.

So, the thought has emerged – what if I could go back home and thrive there? What exactly does it mean to be home and how much does it matter to have the support of your family and the connections your parents have built before you were even there? To build on / around something that is already there and not start new every couple of years?

I think this can be part of the development of our lower functions,  Te bringing practicality and Ni a stronger connection to the past. It can also be part of the process of growing older. It might be the case that for some of us journeys are meant to be circular and to bring us back home or that at some point even though we don’t return home in the physical world, we do so in our hearts. <3

Regarding the bodily presence signal, yes ! I totally agree with your observation. We should maybe look for Ne users who show similar signals and compare them to Se Bodily Presence to see the differences easier?

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