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Hey, awesome idea !

I agree she looks SeFi.

In the first gif I think you meant subordinate judgement, right? 🙂 I think I see it there too, I’m curious what Auburn might think. I’m not great at seeing subordinate judgement and subordinate perception.

she attempts to use some J-like signals, but ends up doing them in a P-like way

Yes, it looks like it, I honestly always encounter the same problem when I am trying to use Te. I actually noticed it’s easier when I start from an Fi point and move to Te than when I start from Se. So for example, I bow over the table, fold my hands together and then attack forwards with my hands and head. Which overall has a better chance to hit than the Pe->Je moves, at least in my opinion.

But what she does here seems to be usually Pe->Je or Pe->Ji & Je.

I can also see the gravity effect signal – the way she lets her hand fall down. I think that is a very good example of this signal actually !

I’m not sure about Se bodily awareness and I think maybe we should talk more about this signal. This was brought up in the chat too. When someone scratches or arranges something that should be arranged, is it bodily awareness? How do we discern between a genuine move we make because it’s needed, that an Ne user would also do, and bodily awareness ? (question for @auburn here but I don’t want to pressure you with a lot of questions…but here for example, I think an Ne user could have done this move too). This might be a new thread too, it just came up twice today, so I thought I should ask.

Totally agree about the signals you saw in the last gifs !

After watching the videos, I also think seelie and Fi conscious. She has a wonderful feminine fairy like energy, I love it.

Her hand moves are pretty meticulous and “spidery” here, though I know they wouldn’t quite qualify as the meticulous hands signal according to the current Codifier.

She also becomes rigid at times and disengages down a lot.

I just saw one of he albums is named Body Talk, which I think is very fitting for Se & Fi psychology. It’s funny I find these little connections when it comes to other SeFi’s but I’m completely blind to them when it comes to myself. :))

Oh, this song is so telling of Persistence Effect, isn’t it? And of Pe revolting against Je, I guess. 🙂

We should totally try to type more famous people on our own and then discuss our typings here and see what others think ! It’s a wonderful idea and it can only help us learn vultology better. <3

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