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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Directive

Darn, I’m mostly responsible for another divergence.

Yeah I guess some (-)F + Je does come naturally in those hostile situations. I had to develop that with a constant refinding of reasons for doing the task at hand. So I am almost hypocritical.

It’s funny how being told to be myself has been done by some of the most hypocritical or some of the most fortunate. It took me awhile to realize how tricky it can and has been to get there. If everybody else abandons me I still have me in my own arms.

Steve Jobs and Elon Musk do a really good job at not using standard public speech in there announcement ceremonies; just sticking to there meek ways. Then they completely destroy staff and any bullcrap that gets in the way. I’m probably crazy and gulty thinking I can do that right off the back, but I will have to learn my hard lessons.

PS: @auburn – Are we starting the next Quiz Friday or Saturday?😊

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