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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Hiya @greencoyote,

Oh hehe, I’m not “retyping people” right now. There was one FiNe who was clarified as TiNe but the others are clarifications between seelie & unseelie differences and development levels.

In your particular case I’m still seeing SeTi quite clearly, and this is both in vultology and psychology.

Also, I really am not sure why this keeps coming up but the Se profile makes almost no mention of athletics or sports. There are some valid feedback points that have already been extensively mentioned in other threads, but I haven’t really gotten around to re-writing the article (too much to do!). Among those are the fact that Pe-leads in general are prone to be messy and clumsy, and dexterity is an acquired trait in all people (even though some Se users may be driven towards dexterity in a given favored domain). This will be adjusted in the upcoming changes.

The Se profile, remembering that it is a behavioral profile and not the metabolism (thus not to be taken as proof/non-proof of cognition), needs work but even so it spends most of its time painting a picture of an attitude towards reality. Kinesthetic activities like martial arts are mentioned only passively as examples. So the Se=Sports meme is a meme that you don’t have to worry about in CT.

To quote @alice from this thread:

Se might not always have to do with extreme sports or adrenaline filled experiences. It sometimes has to do with seeking out new experiences, interesting stuff, getting what you want immediately, or mixing things up a little for yourself or others. Your experience of not liking driving because you don’t like traffic is a pretty good example of this. Se may manifest in a lack of patience, or is maybe better understood as a desire to get moving.

There is only one mention of the word “sports” in the profile but I’m almost tempted to remove it, due to how much karmic libido appears to be directed against the word among our personal member base. That said, the mode of expression of Se can be varied and you’ve mentioned being into things like Electronic Dance Music. EpicKalypse above mentioned “I like electric-boarding, non-boxing martial arts; I want to get into parkour.” — which is another example of the same type of vivid-experience-drive. The key here is to not fixate on affiliating with “sports” as a genre, or any other particular genre, if the essence of the affiliation remains the same; that of an impulse towards vivid experiences and an intimate relationship to reality in some creative way.

I hope some of this is helpful. This is just my opinion but now that the codifier is complete, other members are also free to make their own reports.

And I apologize that the Se profile doesn’t fit your personal experience fully. It’s a well understood problem and I’ve just been far too involved in other things to give it the proper revision – but it’ll be coming soon. ^^;

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