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Hey, you are right if we are talking about personal style.

But if we are talking about career, then I maintain my opinion that better integrating unseelieness and Te would greatly improve it. And this is true of many jobs, not just mine. It is our natural growth process to go from employee to a managerial position or self employed/small business owner/partnership. You need some level of Je use for this purpose and the alternative is to always depend on others that are in a position of power. Personal charm can help us influence our bosses or co-workers  and keep them on what we consider is the right track… but wouldn’t it be more practical to fight our own flaws than to concentrate all our efforts on supporting stronger people ?? Because on the long run I think you can earn a respectable place and a good income solely by good quality  reviser work and charm. But only by collaboration with a high Je, less agreeable person…because someone needs to fight and tell people what to do, right ? And maybe it’s  safer  to develop these skills yourself than to always depend on alliances with stronger people,  who might use their stronger position not just to defend you but also against you??

So, I think it’s very useful to learn to defend yourself and others and to be assertive and to not mind too much if you are being disagreeable. I wouldn’t say it’s a must, but we gotta see that no one will ever protect you or fight for your interests better than yourself.

Sorry, I diverged, but I really thought this is an important point, because I keep hearing be yourself but be yourself actually should be interpreted be your best self, not just be your most comfortable self. 🙂

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