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I absolutely agree that CT as it stands today can have a steep learning curve, and a lack of concise, synthesized, current info that’s easy for a general audience to understand. Unfortunately the cloning process for Auburn hasn’t been fully streamlined yet 😝… but in all seriousness, a lack of available synthesis for the most current info was something which irked me quite a bit when I first joined, and though it’s far from an ideal solution, for the time being we have threads like these and discussions on the Discord that attempt to synthesize the current understandings.

In terms of Big 5 correlations with CT, that’s still in the realm of the purely speculative for me. Perhaps J is correlated with Conscientiousness and P with Openness, but even that’s nothing I could confidently stand behind right now. CT has made huge strides, but it’s still far from reaching full maturation I would say. Another way to look at it is that there’s still a lot of novelty to be discovered 🙂

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