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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Keeping it would be stealing and go against my values, and conflict with my self-concept as a moral person. However, the evil corporate chain isn’t going to miss my $19 of revenue plus it’s not worth my personal time or petrol money returning it on principle. So I’m keeping it and I don’t care. A cost-benefit analysis on morality.

^ I was about to say that this is Te pragmatism before I read on when u said…

Te’s pragmatic, external-focused, system-based thinking diminishes emotions and feelings to focus on what works and what makes sense. Individual feelings don’t trump big-picture benefits.

And I was like, yep!

Je acts as the antithesis to Ji in this sense, because Ji would like to operate by pure principle always, but sometimes it’s impractical. When we decide on practical choices, counter to our 100% Ji alignment, we’re choosing a different cognitive priority (Je). But yes I think this is wholly beside the point of Fi vs Ti.

The choice to allow pedophiles to go to therapy, to solve a wider world problem, rather than refuse to engage them out of disgust/revulsion, is a Je choice not really a Ti choice. And I would venture to say that at no point did the disgust reaction vanish, you just chose to put it aside for a more locomotive ‘solution’. In other words, I see this as the Fi/Te axis with Te being executed, not really Ti.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if you had Te conscious (it would really make sense with everything else), and the videos so far haven’t found an occasion to show it yet– likely due to the well known issues with talking to a camera. If present, I think your Je would surely come out in an interview format– especially if you chose to talk about a topic you have strong opinions about.


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