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  • Type: FiNe
  • Development: ll-l
  • Attitude: Unseelie

@auburn “There seems to be a growing congruence in CT overall with the notion that Ji/Je/Pi/Pe functions are more similar to each other than any, because they share the same root.”

I agree. The initial profile sent when I got my report (that might be more JiPe focused?) is more accurate than the main Fi one. And there might be cross-contamination, where the Ti profile (that makes more sense to me than Fi) represents the essence of Ji far more than Fi, therefore most Ji’s “see themselves” in Ti above Fi because of the ~80% similarity. The profiles might not have pinpointed that 20% differences that bifurcate the Ji functions.

“You still appear Fi/Te to me even by the newly refined standard.”

You’re right. Regardless of seeing Ti as more true than Fi by the site description, I have no doubts that Fi/Te is the right axis. I’m glad @cosmo is revised to TiNe. Having “known” her online for a while, that really fits her well.

@janie “I have never felt a psychic link to anyone, and I am not good at predicting behavior”

I wonder if that’s an Ne vs Se difference, with Ne or intuition in general forecasting and predicting from impressions and patterns (Alice, your edits are great, and I do the things you mentioned there too!). I differ from both of you in the emotionality. I was raised in a very stoic home where nobody expressed emotions ever, so maybe it’s a learned response in me.

“Fi is constantly accruing data for a compass process to always point towards self-actualization maybe? Or something similar?”

This is similar to a discussion on Discord I think. Some of us were talking about getting physically and mentally sick from doing something that goes against our essential “true” nature. It seems impossible to force myself to do something that violates an important value. The dissonance starts to make my nervous system blow-up, my anxiety escalates, I get depressed etc. When I’m in alignment I feel fine and when the compass starts pointing the wrong way I feel sick. Examples are bad careers and enforcing policies that I disagree with morally.

Whenever someone is upset about something I usually approach the situation by giving advice to solve the problem, because that’s what I would want, rather than emotional comfort or sympathy.”
Guilty of this one too. I’ve had to catch myself in the act and force some empathic phrases out to validate their “feelings”. It’s only in my 30s that I’ve softened up and attempted support and sympathy.

“When it comes to values, I would say when it comes to certain things I have my own set of opinions, but if presented with alternatives that sound reasonable or objectively better, than I will change my position, especially if it provokes me to think about things from a different philosophical stand point. I don’t think most things are so black and white, rather they have nuance and lots of grey areas that require philosophical exploration and are constantly changing and progressing. I enjoy sparking these types of discussions, because they can cause others to reflect on their own ideals and values, as well as my own. I think opinions and values are so personal and require a combination of both subjective and objective ideals, ie philosophy and ethics.”

Nailed it. It makes me think that Ji in general doesn’t work in absolutes. While I see some things as “belong” and “doesn’t belong”, I find it hard to see pure black and white. My answers are usually it’s complicated, and it depends. I might say from perspective x it makes sense that y is the solution, but if you look at perspective z they’re seeing g. I wouldn’t go so far as to study philosophy or formalise a specific moral framework to guide this (like Chidi in The Good Place). Instead I attempt to get into the heads and perspectives of the various individuals or groups involved to guide an opinion. Logic can absolutely change my mind and is the most effective. Appealing to my emotions will not.

@coralie-philips Hi! Great to see you here participating. Love the paint-pot analogy. That paint paragraph you wrote is partly why I used to identify as INFJ for a while (and identify today as more INTx in temperament). Lots of things you wrote here remind me of @pine who’s also FiNe (but II—and Seelie). You sound more Seelie based on the things you wrote here?? What do you feel your type is?

I’m glad you’ve add more on your perspective. Seelie suits you well from what I’ve seen on chat and that most recent video too. Way more bashful radiation than I expected! I liked reading your experience of FiSe. As others have said, it’s hard to parse out what’s Fi from what I wrote versus Fi mixed with Ne and even Te (which I swear is conscious). The other FiSe comments above so far have echoed a more open emotionality like yourself.

Maybe Se gives a more gritty and visceral realism to the Fi inner experience whereas Ne keeps it ghostly, impressionistic and abstracted?

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