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I can totally understand the concerns about emotions being illogical and questionable!
So I gather, some Ti users, when experiencing emotions, doubt or question whether they are either true, valid, or useable (where useable might be from Fe). Whereas, for me it’s always been more like, ‘Ok what is this, exactly? And why? How did it start?…Ok, better remember this data!’–think through them that way–but I never questioned whether the emotion was true or worthy of exploring in the first place. Because it was just…my reality in the moment. And if I am alive, I am always in *some* kind of feeling. And in a way my whole life could be reduced down to that. Yet, other people reduce their life down to Ti (like Descartes). That makes me interested in the potential physiological differences in people with the different functions.

If nothing else, emotions tell you something about yourself. Sometimes they’re surprising like turning red or crying about something, that you didn’t even know you cared about that much until then.
One useful check-in I learned recently, is when experiencing uncomfortable emotions, to take a second and ask myself, “What is going on in my body right now? Is this actually sensible for the current situation?” When the answer is no, it’s a clue that it’s actually old repressed stuff from my past getting triggered. When the answer is yes, then it becomes more of a feeling than a passing emotion….but for Ti users it doesn’t usually?

I’m first to admit, it’s *so* difficult when emotions and logic don’t agree! It’s one of the major struggles of my life, actually.
The concern about  “gushy emotions everywhere and the truth is scarce” was difficult for me to wrap my head around….But I guess I could understand worrying about that if I had never been one to let emotions come and go like waves, knowing that that’s just what they do. But you’re right, I still might not be able to know the truth on some things. We all won’t. Which is frustrating, but I guess it’s just life, or the human condition.

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