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I’m not a scientist or a statistician, but I’d like to think that I have a helpful understanding of the two disciplines. The scientific perspective is more important and I think that the only way to really do science is to follow the “rules” and to go through the correct channels. Einstein revolutionized physics, but he had a PhD and could submit his stuff to journals. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but still far away from a more formalized “test”.

Thanks Supah 🙂

Yes, I agree fully. We’re far away from that point still, but in the meantime these internal tests help to refine the practice & craft we are nurturing here.

And if the craft leads to practical success for us– if we succeed in predicting psychology internally via this model– then I think that’s time very well spent & progress well made. Even if it takes CT a while to properly answer to Academia, that’s fine since we’re just getting started anyway.

Between now and that time, there are people with questions about their inner realities, and I at least will remain committed to learning what I can about humanity and sharing that as I go.

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