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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

@bera – yes exactly. well y’know there’s something very tryannical about YES/NO checkmarks. in the end I decided to check the head nods and shakes, even though I had made that clarification in the tutrial video — because i felt she just barely crossed the threshold in a few timestamps. I almost left them out tbh, and I really think I should have because I don’t think her Je is conscious either. I made a side-by-side video showing this, yesterday, in preparation for today:

^ We can see how she’s far more similar to Kendall Jenner (SeFi l—) and the other l— types. The SeFi l-l- types have far more explicit and qualitatively different use of Je. So that ought to be the benchmark for Je signal markings.

So yes, I 100% agree that we need to differentiate out baseline sassiness from head shakes and nods proper. But it seems most everyone checked the shakes and nods, which means there’s a collective consensus on the older way.

This is likely due to how sassiness has only recently been fully described as a vector and in the absence of an explicit description, it was conflated with Je. We’d had some growth pains like this before, with signal clarity, so maybe by next quiz we’ll apply the new standard. 🙂

(More thoughts on the rest –yet to come.)

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