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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Julien Blanc


Most likely: SeTi l-l- Directive
Less likely: FeNi, NeTi
Unlikely: FeSi

Julien Blanc has some curious eye anatomy that I think works against his native vultology. Here is a collage of images of his Se/Ni eyes:

You can see in images like the upper right, how the eyes have the taut preseptal region and the soft/lowered pretarsal region. But he does have a soft squishiness to his eyes from below. This creates more ambiguous moments like:

^ …where the middle pic looks deceptively Ne. But seen in context (i.e. the left/right photos) we see that the overall eye tension remains in the Se pattern.

He does many moments of Se Amped Eyes as well, and his psychology matches Se quite clearly. He appears to be another Se-lead pickup artist. Beta. Although he could be FeNi l-l- too. It’s hard to say because he deliberately works on what is essentially amping up Je in the body to appear more charismatic.

He’s done this to himself to some extent, but it appears to be more like an over-compensation. In other words, he doesn’t appear to have King energy to me, but instead to be a Puer jokester playing the role of a pseudo-King.

Notice how he’s got so much looseness:


^ Pe + Je


^ Pe > Je

For someone who is trying to “Je” as much as possible, if they were Je-lead there would be no confusion – for example as we see in Tony Robbins. Instead this is a Pe-lead valuing Je articulation and becoming double-extroverted + Directive with it, and coaching on that modality.

I may be quite wrong, as this is just a soft reading, but this is how he appears to me.

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