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The new format and identifiers do feel more likely to lead to greater precision than the Quiz 3 format. It showed me how I can be either certain or uncertain about some of the identifiers. On day 1 I finished, yet held off until today to give it fresh eyes. I made some small additions for sure. I had some over the top ideas that would lead from 99% to 99.9% certainty but I gave myself a break.

It would be cool to do a Quiz 4.5 for next week on one more anonymous subject.

PS: It may or may not be useful to insert ‘experiential rambling’ for the Pe’s. Same for combining ‘Head Nods’ and ‘Head Shakes’ into ‘Head Jerks’.

PPS: @auburn please do my soft reading on Julien Blanc soon. It’s been a awhile bro. lol

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