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Happy 2020. 🙂

1. I can honestly say I’ve gotten somewhere in terms of personal development (one of my main goals in life since an epiphany 12 years ago). For one thing, of course, I stumbled into CT just a month ago, and am super grateful for this.
Also, I can see my progress when going back and reading through my dream journal, as well as comparing posts I wrote in some support groups to my present situation.
As far as physical health, I’ve made one unprecedented accomplishment this year, and started a couple other really nice habits (running and swimming).

2. Well, although I’ve been setting new year’s resolutions since at least 1995, this year I decided to only set some intentions, because I realized that when I force myself to accomplish things, I am actually conditioning my self-love upon their achievement in an imagined future, which is actually worse for me (more insidious/self-sabotaging) than not accomplishing any of the things.
Nevertheless, I hope to digitally detox my phone, and to grow in my level of self-awareness / consciousness. Also to move to another city.

3. I generally try to avoid making predictions, but I may have a slight inkling / hope that it will be calmer than a lot of people fear on a worldwide scale, esp. regarding the climate. Don’t know if it will be because of the Green New Deal, though.

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