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@bera – your words are really heartwarming. Funny where close friendships can emerge, eh? I’m so glad this community could act as a home and support for you and others. I think I do have a desire to create that sort of space and am really happy you feel that way. But that’s only possible because of a bunch of great people here. Srsly, there’s some real goodwill in this community.

1. How did you feel about 2019? How was the year for you?

At a personal level, this was a tough year for me. I had to face a lot of big choices, and uproot myself from where I was. Start over. But I was also the most creatively productive I’ve been in ages – and I really placed my willpower into reality. Most of that went to CT, where I feel an irrepressible calling and challenge to meet it.

It’s kindof hard to remember what CT was like before 2019.. we didn’t have this forum, we didn’t have the function profiles or the wiki, we didn’t have the dev levels done, or the database, or codifier. I feel as though so much has happened in the last year that it’s becoming something way bigger. I guess I feel a little proud of myself for getting this far, knowing how little energy I have.

2. What do you hope to accomplish this year?

Personally, I want to grow closer to my girlfriend (hey you ) and study many books. Tackle that Si. We’ve been reading books together and it’s been incredibly self-expanding.

Professionally (heh, “professionally”) I want to build a small team of high-consensus readers by Feb and do some garage science pilot studies. I want to finish the profiler by March, which is essential before going public. And I want to finally create a youtube presence by mid March with a decent production level/quality. By the end of the year I want Cognitive Type to rattle up the typology community and do it with user friendly digests — not that this is the end goal, but just the beginning. I’ll check back in next year to see how I did.

3. How do you feel about 2020 in general? What do you think will happen worldwide?


Well, I’m pretty sure SpaceX will demonstrate the capabilities of Starship as the world’s first ultra-heavy fully reusable spacecraft, opening access to space at an unprecedentedly low price. They will also bring American astronauts to the ISS from American soil again. Tesla will finally bring autonomous driving cars to the roads, but there will be some deaths, big press blowups and of course legislative controversies. (By 2022-2023 this anxiety will stabilize, new laws will pass on autonomous car regulations, and other carmakers will be trying to catch up.)

Virtual reality will see another generation of products– now with integrated hand tracking and full body tracking, eye tracking and face tracking (for emotions). But it will still escape the mainstream until one or two more generations (2024/2025), at which point it’ll progressively become as normal a part of our lives as smartphones have become.

(Err, I could go on forever about this, so I’ll just mention these!)

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