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Yay for cheezy threads lol XD

2019 was an interesting year for me, I had both a lot of great things, and some not so great things happen. But overall, I feel like it was a year of healing and homecoming; I feel more grounded in who I am and know where I belong, and have found my Tribe ^^ As far as collectively tho, it was a crappy year (year of the pig on the lunar calendar, imagine that!) By the end there was a lot of negative synchronicity happening to errybody because of the universal angst >,<

My new years resolution is to become more accountable and aligned with my own ethics, and responsible ๐Ÿ˜ฎ I have the goal of completely supporting myself and having my own place by the end of Feb. Also to be punctual.. ehehe ;p

too much Pness!!!!

Speaking of Pness, anyone wanna join a couple of TiNe’s, a FiNe and chill NiTe at Burning Man this year? yesyes? Hit me up ^^

I feel like 2020 is gonna be an overall upswing from last year, but it’ll also be a rocky transition. Enantiodromia dictates that there will be a social/political push in the opposite direction from where we’ve been going, but tensions are left high and we might see more conflict break out. If there’s gonna be war, it’ll probably start this year, but 2021 feels like it will likely be a time of resolution so I think the turmoil will be brief if it does happen.

Also 2019 was the seeding, 2020 is the transmutation, and 2021 will be the manifestation.. I feel we are in the midst of a rather profound shift..

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