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  • Type: FiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Unseelie

This is off topic, but to provide an answer to unseeliness, my thought would just be mental health self-work. I used to be  ae little deeper on the far end of unseeliness, and I like to think that maybe I’ve balanced it out to reasonable levels. It was years of therapy, self-help books, deepening my relationships with my friends, and purposefully / directly addressing and owning up to any repeating personality traps I was falling into. It’s hokey, but the enneagram helped a bunch.

Direct and sustained self-honesty along with a hope / intent to better myself and my reactions to people really did it! I was told by more than a few people that I came across harshly sometimes, or that I could be mean, and that made me sad honestly! The intent came from the realization that I’d lost the ability to know when I was being short with people, or if I was being a bummer. I wanted to do better by people, and also myself. Getting back in touch with some seelie aspects of Fi has been very good for my happiness 🙂

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