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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Junji Ito


Most likely: TiSe l-l- Adaptive with Flat Affect
Less likely: NiFe l-l- Adaptive with Flat Affect
Unlikely: Anything Else

Oh @thanatesque , you chose an interesting fellow. Junji appears to be double-introverted and Beta. First I’d like to note his function quadrant in images such as:

His eyes are rather straightfowardly Ni/Se. His J axis appears visible in images, but even more clearly in animated GIFs such as:


^ Fe Zygomatic Smile + Fe Adaptive Emulation


^ Ti Stop-Start Articulation

And we see moments of his unbroken Ni gaze in places such as:


^ Ni Zoned Out Stare

TiSe vs NiFe?

Now the question with him really is whether he’s TiSe or NiFe. It’s unclear in his older videos but this seems fairly settled to me after having looked at younger videos of him such as:

^ In here there’s an abundance of reviser doubt, eye-toggling, Ti and Ji meticulousness, etc. He has the qualities of a Reviser, although he appears to have strong levels of Ni even at this age. Still, since this is a soft-reading, NiFe is not out of the question.

Flat Affect:

A final point to note is:

….that he also has flat affect, which appears most clearly in these images, particularly the middle one. He has heavily fallen cheeks, and not just because of age. There’s an active downward constriction of the lip corners alongside an additional heaviness to the eyes.

And once again we see a correlation of flat affect with dark and disfigured artworks/fantasies, as we’ve seen in several database samples (Heresy, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Marilyn Manson, Tim Burton, etc)


But I don’t know much about him, as this is my first exposure to his work.

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