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  • Type: SeTi
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Directive

@tea I’m glad you shared that. We seem to be at the most obvious of odds. At first I was going to be like that is totally wrong. Really it’s probably just the unpleasant reality of NeFi vs SeTi inverse perspective.

If someone were to pressure me especially in tea’s way I would locate all associating triggers and dismantle them before any satisfying level of visible responses occur. Likely they would say I have not learned my lesson. I’d say something like “I’m no longer a participant in that reality and whatever consequences lay ahead is my own personal responsibility”.

Vague energetic application: I have to explore what I have signed into and then find away to sign out. The reason I have clothes on around others is out choice and generosity. Some perfer me not reveal my cubby unattractive body and I give then exactly that as a gift. If they don’t accept it as a gift then I default to my choice of clothes or no clothes. If I choose no clothes then they will see me naked.

The closest I come to shaming someone. Is when someone thinks respect is something seperate from their own individual authenticity. In nutshell if someone expects me to act as ‘everyone else’ instead of ‘being true who I am’ things go south pretty fast.

I sense it’s going to be so weird when I get back to Virginia from Los Vegas. I may have to go through a reorientation period.

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