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@alice I very much agree with what you’ve written above. Ironically, I feel so many people are led astray from the growth path of their own psyche because some guru or expert is being listened to instead of their own instincts. Rather than enforce a prior configuration onto this fluid process, paying attention to the growth patterns that we share here with each other should (with a good bit of help from The Aubs) coalesce into a basic scaffold compatible with a broad range of individual modifications. As we build up a bigger knowledge base in this way, then as a community we could become much stronger at helping people with these burning questions of the psyche.

Looking back on it, each new conscious function emerging was like jumping off the rooftop ahead of me to avoid the fire behind me, and in keeping with the basic patterns described in the OP, my values now mostly reside in the practicality and self-reliance of the functions rather than in their numinosity as unconscious wellsprings. I think St. Theresa put this sentiment beautifully when she said that the “Lord moves amidst the pots and pans.” However, there is also a powerful hubris that can become enmeshed with this willful self-reliance, and I do find it extraordinarily difficult to ask for help. Was reminded of this today when I made a hapless error and cut my finger very deeply, but immediately disregarded the thought to ask the two other people in the house for help, instead doing everything I could to staunch the bleeding and doing the cleaning on my own, and only asking for help once the critical moments had already passed and I was satisfied things were basically “under control.” Folly.

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