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  • Type: FiSe
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Unseelie

I’m interested in this theory and how it fleshes out.
Certain things resonate with me, and I can see how my love addiction has to do with my unconscious. I have previously thought of Te as my Animus function. Now, in light of my CT type and level, maybe it is a muse.

Currently, it feels frightening and disorienting to me to confront Fe–I think it’s a daimon. From my limited understanding of Jung, for my functional stack, Fe is the most heavily “repressed” (because it is equally strong as Fi, but the ego keeps it under–I noted that Auburn is moving away from that terminology, though, which I’ll keep in mind). Anyway, I have severe problems trusting affective empathy. To my understanding, one Fe aspect I feel threatened by / my ego considers non-self, is when people judge and act upon their judgements of someone based on….how the person emotes. For example, conclusively going, “I don’t like her. Just something about her. A bad vibe.” This might be a “wild bull” to me–powerful and I’m afraid it’s gonna destroy stuff. As opposed to the controlled, predictable way of keeping initial judgments to oneself, and waiting to act on them until the other person’s concrete actions speak for themselves (Fi-Te?).

This makes a *lot* of sense for me if you look at the probable types of my parents and my attachment styles and subsequent relationships with them.

However my need to start dipping my toes into the realm of affective empathy has been growing super clear to me, recently.

(::hopes so hard this makes sense!:.)

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