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EDIT: I completely misread the post I was replying to, and the following has nothing to do with anything being discussed here. Very sorry! Don’t read and write hungover kids.


I think delving into the unconscious / subconscious / shadow will always bring some instability. In self-help writing, there’s a lot of consensus that breakdown usually precedes growth, and instability is in itself a signal that you’re doing something right for your long-term personal journey (if you’re doing it right.) To integrate a piece of your shadow will always be frightening and disorienting. You’re changing they very way you see every piece of your world, changing your base personality. I’m sure you are familiar with the feeling, being at llll development! Every single one of those awakenings must have been difficult, I can imagine, whether you were aware of them or not.

While we may be able to give people a roadmap or understanding of the growth process, I don’t think we can ever take away the element of Trialhood from personal growth. This concept is where things like Myth come from, Campbell’s heroes journey. It’s a part of most human cultures to mark a transition into adulthood through a kind of guided traumatic experience: the initiation ritual. I think functional development is probably a similar flavor of event.

So while seeking to map the journey every human must take to fully understand themselves is certainly commendable, this may be something that we have all the tools to understand from birth. This kind of work, I think, is instinctual to every person (if Maslow has anything to say.)

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