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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Ted Bundy


Most likely: FeSi l-l- Directive + Flat Affect
Less likely: NeTi l-l- Directive
Unlikely: FeNi

Ted Bundy is an Alpha type, from what I can tell. He appears Je-lead so he’s got the default “hardening” of the brow but this is not to be confused with Ni. We can see the difference clearly in these photos:

^ We can see glimpses of the naivete of Ne above, and the quirky look to his perk ups (left-most image), where the eyelid is raised off the eye but the area directly above the eyelid is soft (preseptal), as is the case for Ne/Si types. But we can also see the signals of Si:

As for his J axis, we see his Fe/Ti in:

^ Fe Coordianted Emphasis + Je Pointed Emphasis ….+ Pe Bubbling Momentum

^ Fe Zygomatic Smile + Fe Coordinated Emphasis

Altogether this lets us know he’s Alpha, but he’s also double-extroverted. He’s got a lot of Je articulation but also a lot of bodily restlessness and body swaying. We can see the conjunction of these two (Je+Pe) in the GIF below:

^ Je Head Nods + Pe Body Swaying

But Je is above Pe, as all of his Pe gestures are within the context of Je, and all his hits still are definitive, as discussed recently in the codifier videos.

So he’s an FeSi l-l-… but also with flat affect:

This would actually put him in the same shade as FeSi Charles Manson. It seems to me from reading his wiki that he may have also been manic, which is often the case with double-extroverted types + flat affect. He was diagnosed with a lot of different things, at a lot of different times, though.

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