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  • Type: TiNe
  • Development: l--l
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Christopher Hitchens


Most likely: TeNi ll–
Less likely: NiTe ll–
Unlikely: Fe Conductor

Christopher Hitchens is clearly a high-Ni conductor, with both Je+Pi conscious. This is immediately apparent, however the matter of his J axis is a bit more subtle –though when looking closely what we see is:

As well as GIFs like…

^ Fi Excessive Contempt

^ Fi Excessive Contempt

^ Fi Excessive Contempt + Te Sassy Emphasis / Te Head Shake

He tends to have a reserved, mumbly, articulation.. which obscures some of his Fi signals by making them more subtle. But if you zoom in and micro-pause you’ll see they’re abundant.

There is some slight signal mixing such as with Fe coordinated emphasis on occasion, but his Te monotone voice, Fi snarling smiles, Te square cheeks and Fi asymmetrical smiles outweight these factors. And as well know, it’s possible for Te users to imitate Fe’s coordinated emphasis but what is not easy to imitate are the signals of the mouth which are more fundamental.

This makes Christopher Hitchens a Te+Ni Unseelie conductor, but just from this partial analysis I don’t entirely know if it’s TeNi or NiTe yet. I’d have to do a deeper dive to iron it out completely.

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  • This reply was modified 9 months ago by Auburn.

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