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@danny, that’s exactly it: A myth that has been perpetuated. But from the outside it may look like brainstorming since we qualify a lot of our speculations with “What if….” But our speculations tend to be how things may work rather than possible ideas for a course. The plural ideas for a course of action happens without invitation. Convergence insufficiency may be a good way to explain it.

Regarding function orientation and internal/external world, @animal has some great points on this, based on her first hand experience. Namely that Pe leads can have a vast internal world, so internal experience is not merely a property of introverted orientation. Both Pi and Pe take in information. A person always has a relationship with an object (whether that object be concrete, a process, etc.), but it’s the place from which you evaluate the object that decides whether or not a person is object-oriented (extroverted) or subject-oriented (introverted).

Man, how do I describe my experience of Ne? I’m more subdued than many Pe leads because I also have Pi conscious. Ne in me can be the eternal optimist. It can also see nothing but trouble in any direction if I’m in an unhealthy state. It also makes branching and lateral inductive leaps. But that’s too theoretical. Hmm, in real time it looks responding to the immediate environment (physical or mental, remember!) without direct affect. I think that’s the best way to put it: Ne doesn’t take direct environmental hits but maintains a distance (which is actually one definition of “abstract.”). So we look a bit improper, like things aren’t quite penetrating.

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