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  • Type: NeFi
  • Development: lll-
  • Attitude: Seelie

My fixation was Fi, a year ago, when I tried to understand my identity and form my self concept. I can relate to EpicEntity’s and SupahProtist’s answers. I can say I do it nowadays as well, lowkey, it’s not fully developed yet, but I suddenly changed my concentration area (I can’t say it happened suddenly, I had to reevaluate a lot of things actually, I just realized I didn’t have much time for 100% concentrating on that).

For now, I have a lot of concentration areas, a lot of life fixations and dedications, I should say. I’m a student, actively engaging and working with people, I read a lot, not only academic requirements but I enjoy fiction a lot. Also, non-fiction, well, I just enjoy reading and thinking about things. Also, reading gives me base for my work. I even worked as an astrologer, because I know a lot about tropical astrology and I have improved how I read natal charts and synastries. Actually I wanted to improve my writing skills, my fantasy, my imagination for writing my actual collection of short novels. I have very specific views on astrology, I think it’s rather an art and a wonderful field to improve your artistic skills. But then I stopped making charts, I decided it’s enough and have started writing actual short novels.

So, I’m 24/7 thinking about how to USE my knowledge and CREATE meaningful things. I’m widening my social circle and making connections, possibilities… I’m thinking and trying new things, taking pictures, adding words to my CV and general experience… But I’m not actually into working for specific goals yet. I’m looking into the future, but without any specifications. I’m living for now in the present moment and acting on what I decide is meaningful, I mean, useful and fruitful.

So, I think my ego fixation is Ne. As a lead function, this fixation makes me feel my natural being. I do things that are effortless. But not enough for understanding my self concept and this fact makes me a bit sad, but well, not sad enough to change my direction, yet. I try to adapt nowadays and circumstances around me also require flexibility. I think I changed my fixation from Fi, because it was not allowing me to stay in tune with many other things in my life. But learned a lot about myself from my Fi fixation, I created my own compass that I feel will be renewed if needed (still leaving options open for myself lol). So yeah, that’s the declaration of my ego fixation and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! 😝

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