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  • Type: NeTi
  • Development: ll--
  • Attitude: Adaptive

Thanks @GreenCoyote! I’ve been studying typology pretty obsessively for a while. I’m pretty sure the eloquence you mention is mostly limited to the written word but you can be the judge of that. I’ll post a video soon to get everyone’s input. I’m still waiting on a response from Auburn to my e-mail.

What I meant is that concrete details of long-past experiences seems mostly inaccessible unless my memory is jarred by some stimulus, while the raw sensations of the present moment are available to me, albeit requiring me to shift my attention away from the non-present. This doesn’t jive with my understanding of Ne-Si, since Ne relies on past episodes to produce an abstraction that explains the present experience. Those episodes may be lower in resolution than Se data but they are still more concrete than Ni concepts. Anyway thanks for the welcome and I’m sure it will be worked out.

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