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  • Type: FiNe
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I believe the Higher Self and the Compassionate Observer are the same thing…but maybe seen from different angles. I’ll do my best to explain my understanding, though it’s so nuanced. From my experiences (things I’ve read, people I’ve known, teachers, things I’ve tried, etc.), the Higher Self is more of a detached spiritual concept while the Compassionate Observer is more of a human concept. I believe (and could be very wrong) we are spirits having human experiences in this life school.

Initially, I felt an attachment to the idea of my Higher Self since it gave me a clearer perspective. After a long while, I was still having a human experience and didn’t not find the more detached idea of my Higher Self to bring me healing in this life. It was a North Star, but not a gentle guide. It was also more in my mind than in my heart. Then I was introduced to the idea of the Compassionate Observer and have really found long lasting peace and comfort.

Personally, I see the Compassionate Observer giving that little rascal ego some space for flailing and giving it grace for it’s honest yet damaged attempt for helping. I see the Higher Self as attempting to shut the door on ego.

This is such a tricky difference and I don’t know that it matters to everyone. Maybe someone who lives from Feeling needs something slightly different from someone who understands more from Thinking? I don’t think anyone knows. Regardless, you are awakened and on a healing path. Nothing is a switch, it is a series of choices and you seem to be consistently picking the healthy one. I find this inspiring!

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